If you or someone you know is looking for housing or ways to understand how you can help support workforce housing solutions in your community, here are some helpful resources.


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FY 2025 Budget Advocacy
This document provides talking points and general guidance for anyone wishing to advocate for local budgetary issues pertaining to affordable housing in.

Loudoun County Government
Loudoun County offers a variety of programs to help Loudoun residents access workforce and affordable housing.
Loudoun Habitat for Humanity
Loudoun Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization dedicated to partnering with individuals and families to attain and maintain affordable housing in Loudoun County.
Windy Hill Foundation
Windy Hill Foundation is a nonprofit organization providing safe, decent, and affordable housing to low and lower-income individuals, families, older adults and adults with disabilities in Loudoun and Fauquier Counties.
Virginia Housing
Virginia Housing offers a variety of affordable housing supports and services for potential home buyers, renters, and home owners in Virginia.

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Affordable Housing White Paper
Commissioned by the Claude Moore Charitable foundation, this white paper seeks to provide stakeholders with a deeper understanding of the complex problem that is affordable housing.

Loudoun County Unmet Housing Needs Strategic Plan
The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors adopted the Unmet Housing Needs Strategic Plan in 2021. The plan identifying a variety of solution-based tactics that includes local government, business, and nonprofit partners.
Loudoun Chamber of Commerce
The Loudoun Chamber of Commerce represents the needs of local businesses and corporations and has dedicated resources to Loudoun’s unmet housing needs. Learn more about the Loudoun Chamber’s policy position related to the need for more workforce housing in Loudoun.
Loudoun Housing Justice Coalition
The Loudoun Housing Justice Coalition is a coalition of tenants, homeowners, and allies working to achieve housing justice in Loudoun County through community education and grassroots advocacy.
Loudoun County Preservation and Conservation Coalition
Subcommittees of the Loudoun County Preservation and Conservation Coalition have developed recommendations around housing in Loudoun County, particularly around zoning revisions.
Virginia Housing
Virginia Housing is celebrating its 50th year of working in partnership with the public and private sectors to help Virginians attain quality, affordable housing. Virginia Housing raises money in capital markets to provide mortgages to first-time homebuyers, invest in developments and innovations in affordable housing, and make homes for people with disabilities and older Virginians more livable.
HAND is a nonprofit membership organization comprised of more than 450 institutions working across private, public, and social sectors to collaborate in the production and preservation of affordable housing in the Capital Region of Baltimore, Washington, and Richmond and to ensure communities of color share equitably in knowledge, wealth and resources. Their Housing Indicator Tool is a great place to get a glimpse of housing statistics in any jurisdiction.
Enterprise applies 40 years of experience in addressing America’s shortage of affordable rental homes through policy, capital and community development, as well as research.
HDA Advisors serves local Virginia jurisdictions with strategy and policy direction for communities committed to affordable and workforce housing needs and solutions.

Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Alliance
The Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Alliance promotes healthy, sustainable and equitable communities that meet the diverse housing needs of Northern Virginia residents.

A New Narrative for Housing: Playbook for the Greater Washington Region
This messaging playbook published by the Metropolitan Washington Council on Governments provides guidance to area leaders on how to talk about housing solutions in a time of uncertainty and change, linking housing with better health outcomes, a stronger economy, and greater equity. The playbook was authored by national expert Dr. Tiffany Manuel of The Case Made for a group of regional organizations, including COG.

Zoning and Segregation in Virginia: Part 1 – Why Virginia Needs a Study of Zoning Laws and Their Connection to Segregation
Published by McGuireWoods in 2021, a group of real estate and zoning lawyers, land use planners and government relations consultants released part one of a new paper documenting the history of zoning and segregation in Virginia and the legacy of systemic racism preserved by zoning.

Zoning and Segregation in Virginia: Part 2 — Expanding Housing Choices for the Future of Virginia
Published by McGuireWoods in 2022, this report builds on McGuireWoods’ previous study documenting how zoning was used as a tool to create segregated housing patterns that endure long after the Fair Housing Act of 1968 prohibited racial discrimination. The recommendations in Part 2 focus on changes to Virginia’s planning and zoning laws at the local and state levels to increase housing choices, remove barriers to diverse neighborhoods and increase access to attainable housing.

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