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Workforce Housing Now is a project of the Community Foundation for Loudoun and Northern Fauquier Counties to amplify the message that Loudoun County needs workforce housing now… because housing is foundational. We believe that people who work in Loudoun County deserve to live in Loudoun County. Residents, business owners, non-profit leaders and community members are welcomed to share their story on What Workforce Housing means to them. 
Have you or someone you know been struggling to live in Loudoun County due to the high cost of housing? If so, we encourage you to share your story with a short 1 minute video or written testimonial. Your story may be featured on our website or social media channels.

Shared Stories

Amy E. Owen, President/CEO Community Foundation for Loudoun and Northern Fauquier Counties

Amy moved to Loudoun in 2012 and shares the story of how she met, during the sale of her home in WV, law enforcement officers who faced long commutes because they couldn’t afford to live in Loudoun.

Angela Mitchell, President & CEO ARM Consulting

Through HR support services to clients, Angela shares the #1 issue her clients face in attracting and retaining highly skilled employees to Loudoun—lack of affordable housing. 

Therese Cashen, President & CEO Loudoun Habitat For Humanity

Therese shares her thoughts on the pressing need for affordable housing in Loudoun and highlights the link between housing availability and the well-being of our community.

Tony Stafford, Owner Ford’s Fish Shack

Tony explains why there’s never been a tougher time to find employees. One of the most common complaints he hears from potential employees is the lack of affordable workforce housing in Loudoun.

Norman Myers Real Estate Appraiser, Loudoun County

As a real estate appraiser, Norman sees the impact of Loudoun’s affordable housing crisis. “Only households in a fortunate situation or with an above average paying job can afford to buy a house or even rent in Loudoun County.”

Tracy Baynard, Loudoun Resident

Tracy’s shares her personal story and explains the importance of home. She believes that being able to live where you work and having access to affordable housing is an important part of communiity.

Rochelle Asher, Loudoun Resident

Rochelle lives in an Affordable Dwelling Unit (ADU). She explains the challenges faced by seniors looking for affordable housing in Loudoun.

Angela Goodman, Owner, Famous Toastery

Angela share why her business struggles with staff who have to live outside of Loudoun because of the lack of affordable housing. She hopes that the County can come together to find solutions to the housing crisis in Loudoun.

Amber, Employee, Famous Toastery

Amber used to drive an hour and half a day, to and from work because she couldn’t find affordable housing for rent in Loudoun.

Emily, Employee, Famous Toastery

Emily tells us how the lack of affordable housing developments in Loudoun has impacted her and her family. She explains how her employer helped guide and support her to find a place to live in Loudoun.

Alana Amani, Teacher, LCPS

Alana is a 24-year veteran teacher with two master’s degrees living paycheck to paycheck. She believes that Loudoun needs more affordable housing for sale so that essential workers can afford to live where they work.

Ashley Matusek, Registered Nurse

Young professional, Ashley, explains why the affordable housing crisis in Loudoun County was the main reason why she decided to leave the area.

Tiffany Pike, Traveling Nurse

“It is very difficult to find something affordable”, says Tiffany. She hopes that this will change so that Loudoun has more workforce housing units available for healthcare providers.

Nitza, LAWS

Nitza from LAWS explains why access to affordable housing is a key success factor for victims leaving an abusive relationship.

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